Real Time Visibility

Increase the visibility and control of your operations

Want to have insight into the health of your business anywhere you go? What if you could wake up on a Saturday morning and with one swipe on your phone see the sales for last night at all of your stores? Or you could go to your back office computer to run sales reports to help accurately plan the forecast for next year. Or what about checking in to see who worked overtime from last night’s shift?

With the information automatically collected from your POS system, you have instant access to performance and metrics such as net sales by hour, employee working hours and inventory levels. Our reporting tools help you discover the levers you need to pull so you can increase your profitability and grow your business....


  • Multi-store reporting
  • Increase visibility and control
  • Customise your data
  • Off-site data backup and storage services
  • Built-in calculations
  • Schedule reports and alerts


NCR Real-Time
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Most of the operational changes we make in the restaurant are related to NCR Real-Time. The data I see through Pulse allows me to staff and prepare accordingly to meet the changing demands. NCR Real-Time helps me catch important operational information because I can see it all the time even when I’m not in the store or running reports.

Roger Simer
Owner of ROBO Foods LLC (Burger King Franchise)

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